About Us

Located in south Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Center for Spine & Pain Solutions is home to specialty-trained doctors and recognized leaders in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous orthopedic conditions and injuries. Our physicians have been carefully selected for outstanding academic achievement, an ongoing commitment to patients and their well-being, a compassionate approach, and overall quality of care. 

OCSPS takes great pride in helping patients find relief to their orthopedic conditions and issues, offering personalized treatment plans and procedures that can ensure a higher quality of life on a daily basis. The team at OCSPS does all it can to inform patients about their conditions, present viable treatment options, and ultimately deliver the exact care they need — whether it’s for short-term problems and injuries, or ongoing chronic problems that have plagued them for years. 

Our sub-specialty expertise includes surgical and non–surgical care of spine injuries. OCSPS also specializes in dealing with patient and claims administrators for workers’ compensation cases.

Relief is in your future! Contact our office today to schedule an appointment, and see for yourself why so many patients in the region trust OCSPS for their unique orthopedic needs.

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